Life is complicated. Life will throw you to the ground, piss on you, then light you on fire.
I should know.
So, I hide and pray that no one finds me, and eventually, I'll fade into obscurity.
But one man does. 
He's overbearing, egotistical, and did I mention cocky?
A real asshole that wouldn't stay away.
We had one night, which only made my body even more treacherous. 
He wants more. 
And so do I. 
Grayson Mandrake owns me, but I won't be bought. 

Ruthless, relentless, asshole. 
That's me. 
Always have been, always will.
Until Emmalin grabs my attention. She's complicated, but who doesn't like a challenge? She was mine the moment I saw her, and I want nothing more than to destroy her soul to keep her. 
Own her. 
It's simple really. Emmalin is mine.


What the hell did I know?
I spent my entire life running from my past. Right when I was ready to put it all behind me for good, the person I feared the most decided to make a grand entrance and fuck everything I worked hard for. I panic when he's near because his only motive in life is to cause me pain and suffering.
But I'm scared.
He's not kidding around. 
He's threatened to destroy every single person that I love. I'll fight like Hell to stop him. Even if it means to run again.

Even if it means to trade my life for the ones I love. 

Things were going great...until they weren't. But, I know she's hiding something or someone from me. She's different. Her guard is up, and her focus is to push me away. I swear, I refuse to sit back, and let something come between us...again. 

I fought like Hell for Emmalin once, and I'll certainly do it again.


On the outside, Grayson Mandrake has everything a man could want--success in business, family and friends. As for women, he fucks them and leaves them. All except his beautiful Emmalin. She was his one. She left him broken and bitter, unable to believe she could walk away from their passion. 
When an explosive secret comes to light, Grayson is forced to reexamine everything he thought he knew about why she left him. 

Emmalin Ross is a survivor. She made it through a horrific attack, and then through losing the man she loved. She walked away to give Grayson a chance at true happiness. Now he's found her, and he'll have his revenge, served dark and hot, and this time, she's not sure she can walk away, no matter how dark the sensual torment he dishes out.

Grayson and Emmalin are set on a collision course, but are both hearts strong enough to survive? Can this couple find a way back to love, or is it too late?


If I had to use one word to describe my wife, it would be

Emmalin is my life, my love, and the mother of my child.
She’s given me more than I deserve, and more than I ever wanted.
Nothing ever came easy for us. 
Fight hard, Fuck harder.
Now, someone wants to take it all away from me. Someone has a sordid tale to tell, that's a threat to both me, and my family, and it's one I can't defend. 
I have to fight back.
But how do I fight for everything and prove my innocence when nothing makes sense and lies start to sound like the truth? How do I hold onto the only woman I’ve ever loved, even if she asks me to let her go? I can’t. She’s the one I refuse to lose….

Life with Grayson has never been more perfect. But life is also a bitch and then you die.

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