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Temptation is a sneaky bitch that brought two men in my life and I wanted them both. One left without saying a word. The other asked me to be his and I said  yes.
I moved I thought. 
Life isn't a  fairytale.
Everyone has a secret. Everyone has a flaw. And mine? 
Well, sometimes vows aren't for everyone. 
They say there's two sides to every story, but the truth makes three. In case you didn’t hear me the first time, let me repeat it. 
Life isn't a fucking fairytale.
That's what we were. Never spoken, and it worked until things got complicated. What exactly do you do when your husband of one year shares you with his best friend, whom you happen to be in love with? The night, we all joined was also the night my entire life was ruined.
They're both dangerous, and they're both liars. Now when I look at them, they've become two men that can destroy my entire life and shatter everything I've ever known.
One was endearing.
The other a monster
And me?
Their virtue
They made me choose between them. All over a lie
I was a good girl. I was a good wife.
Until I wasn't